Arabian Ranches Villas Arabian Ranches Villas

A contemporary oasis set in a rugged desert, the antidote to city living. It is a natural haven with a hint of subtle luxury. Invite yourself right in, Saheel is ready and waiting.

While the design is contemporary, the accent is on creating harmony with its raw setting. Primed on generous plots, some with golf views and some facing parks with the next villa being a couple of hundred yards between you and your neighbor.. Each detached villa exudes an aura of natural bliss that pervades the outdoors and permeates the indoors.

The Saheel community has its own unique atmosphere. Every effort has been made to create an environment where residents’ can enjoy a unique and satisfying outdoor lifestyle. It is the only community within the Ranches that has parks with walkways connecting from street to street where dog walking is encouraged.. There are green areas with seating to enjoy a BBQ, picnic or simply just sit to soak up the sights and sounds of local flora and fauna.

Comprising of one and two-storey contemporary style villas, Saheel homes are available in 9 unit types ranging from 3,166 to 5,308 sq ft. and three and five bedrooms.

Types 7, 8 and 9 are 3 bedrooms

Types 3, 4, and 5 are the 5 bedrooms- the type 5 is the largest of floorplans offering a study that the other 5 beds do not feature.


A gated community within Arabian Ranches, Savannah affords the grandeur of high-quality lifestyle. Over 220 luxurious villas are spread over an expanse of 79 acres. You will find 3 different finishes in Savannah, contemporary, classic and standard finish. The contemporary could be found in the Type 4a and the classic finish was offered on the type 5 and the 3 and more often that not, these houses are situated on the Golf Course. It also has a couple of 3 bedrooms with golf course views. This community offered upgraded finishes which Saheel does not have. The properties are slightly larger too with a couple of hundred sq foot difference but the original prices were also higher and one fundamental difference that you may or may not notice was the absence of the 3rd support pole in the living room.!!

These family detached villas contain either 3,( a few 4 bed bungalows) and 5 bedrooms with sizes between 3,216 and 6,185 square feet.


The Mirador properties were the first Spanish style properties built in the Ranches after the contemporary  Savannah and Saheel and offer that 4th bedroom choice that Saheel and Savannah do not have. They were very popular as there were 3 show homes built displaying the finishes you could choose from and the dream lifestyle you could lead.  Mirador captures the very essence of Spanish ease with the Palm tree lined boulevard running thru the center of the community. Built with families in mind, there are 12 different types, each detached villa is nestled in its own secluded space.

10, 14, 16, 20 are the 4 bedroom types

11,15, 17, 21, are the 5 bedroom types

13, 18 are the 6 bedroom types

12, 19 are the  7 bedrooms types

Positioned right at 6 o clock on The Desert Course, these homes offer some of the best views down the course.

Mirador La Colleccion –1&2 is a collection of Mirador properties with elaborate driveways and some have very large plots.. The types are the same as Mirador and highly sought after for their spacious feel.

Mirador La Colleccion 1 and 2

Mirador La Colleccion 1 and 2 is a collection of Mirador properties with elaborate driveways and some with very large plots. The types are identical to Mirador and highly sought after for their spacious feel.

Al Mahra

Welcome to Al Mahra - Exquisite Arabic Style Villas. Set on the Desert Course, these unique golf homes offer an extraordinary experience in modern living. A traditional Arabic architectural design enhances the feel of pure comfort and style. 

Al Mahra offers a choice of ten different villa layouts. The distinct use of Mashrabia detail lends them a traditional feel. Neutral whites, placid creams, light tan and sand colors offer harmony with the desert and impart a sense of relaxation. Gypsum decorations, arches, recesses, elegant domes and bright open space complete the Arabesque design. Residents have a choice of four to seven bedroom properties.

Each property also features balconies, terraces and an ample garden allowing you to enjoy the year round.

Terra Nova

Terra Nova – alluring Santa Fe-styled villas. Set on the Desert Golf Course, these unparalleled golf homes offer the highest standards in modern living. They personify the grace and comfort, the sense of family protection and status associated with the Santa Fe style. 

Rich in color, with contemporary yet traditional Adobe style architecture, these distinctive homes offer a design that is born from a fascinating history that blends with the desert. High ceilings and bright open spaces create a style like no other. 

Terra Nova is on the other side of the Ranches opposite Saheel nearly and the types offered here are similar to Mirador and Al Mahra.


Hattan at the Ranches was built following it’s success at the Emirates Golf Club. These single-family detached homes are among the most-sought after in Dubai. They were built with luxury in mind and have upgraded finishes with marble and appliances included from the developer.  Traditional yet modern with the latest state-of-the-art technology, these are homes embodying the best Arabian living and a uniquely private yet communal way of life.

Exceptional security, privacy and exclusivity combine with interior finishing of the highest order to provide homes for the truly discerning customer who appreciates a new level in community living.

If such a thing as the quintessential Arabian luxury living exists, Hattan fits the description perfectly. A fabulous collection of stunning villas, these are the most sought-after homes situated in the most sought-after locale - on the Desert Golf Course at Arabian Ranches. 

With a choice of luxury and executive villa types, these 3 story family detached homes maximize the views over the golf course and generally on very generous sized plots as large as 20,000 sqs on the golf course.. Displaying a fusion of heritage and modernity that both appeal and invite. What lends Hattan homes their distinguished character and style is the use of traditional Arabic architectural design and characteristic elements such as enclosed courtyards, open terraces, sand and earthy colors.


Inspired by Portuguese architecture, Alvorada villas exude a friendly and relaxed charm. From the arched windows and doorways to the rounded walls, Alvorada homes are elegantly proportioned and well-suited to the climate.

The russet terracotta roofs, decorative turrets and other ornamental flourishes hint at their Portuguese pedigree. Interior plans offer a choice of three to five bedrooms.

All designs feature generous living space, along with balconies and terraces for a comfortable al fresco lifestyle. Greenery and tranquil surroundings add to the appeal of an enchanting residence. 

The Alvorada home is ideal for those who prefer a life of ease and leisure and know how to savour every moment to the full. We are confident that its enviable location, along with world-class amenities on offer, will go a long way towards making it an attractive investment.

Alvorada remains high in price due to demand and there are 4 phases.. 1,2,3 and 4.

La Avenida

This exclusive gated neighbourhood of 17 detached villas is the newest build in the Ranches and was launched in the height of the boom. With Spanish & Portuguese style it is centrally located between the Arabian Ranches Golf Course and the Arabian Ranches Lake. Half of the properties have a golf couse view and the others have a lake view with a couple facing the school beyond the open sand area.This community offers its residents a swimming pool, park and play areas. House Hunters have successfully sold and rented many of these exclusive homes. It is sought after because of its location and for the variety of floor plans within the exclusive development.

Arabian Ranches Town Houses Arabian Ranches Town Houses

Inspired by Spanish architectural design with features such as pitched roofs and rich, earthy colours,  Palmera, the unique Spanish style cluster homes at the Arabian Ranches, all villas are designed for those looking for homes with character, lending a feel of community living.  There are 2 bedrooms with a study which are the B types.  C types are 2 bed only  and of course the 3 beds with study and maids room is 5 foot short of 3000 sq foot is the A type and the study is quite frequently used as a 4th bedroom.  They are located on the edge of the community and would be very close to the Polo club. There is a large lake in the center where you can take in the local wildlife on those evening walks. Some of the properties would have views of the Lake.

Imagination. Innovation. Distinction. These are all attributes that spring to mind when describing Palmera - the unique Spanish style cluster homes at Arabian Ranches. Each of these single-family attached villas is distinctly different from the other. Yet they are secure within their clusters, which lend a feel of community living.

Palmera is the unique Spanish style cluster of homes found at Arabian Ranches. Each of the two-storey single-family attached villas is non-identical and contains 2 or 3 bedrooms with sizes between 1,889 and 2,936 square feet. The development is built in phases (Palmera 1, 2, 3, 4).

The picturesque streetscape makes for an exquisite visual treat, while the tranquil surroundings contribute to a sense of calm and quiet. Inspired by Spanish Architectural Design with characteristics such as pitched roofs and rich, warm, earth colors, these homes have endearing style. Envisioned within the Arabian Ranches, this truly original community is designed for those looking for homes with character. It also exists in perfect harmony with the golf and equestrian lifestyle focus of Arabian Ranches and offers a serene setting.

Al Reem

(Also known as Gazelle)
Gazelle is a 208-acre themed villa community development with three themed, gated communities which front an expansive lake built in two levels. Inspired by the beauty of the desert and the grace of the Arabian Gazelle, this multi-million dirham development comprises luxurious villas which incorporate elements from traditional Arabic and Spanish architecture.    

Location: Eastern edge of Arabian Ranches

Project Type: Two story Terraced Styled Townhouses

Unit Type: 2 bed plus study, 3 bed plus study, 3 bedroom plus maids room/plus family room

Phases: Al Reem I, II, III

Unit Sizes: 1,690 - 3,060 sqft


At the very center of the Arabian Ranches community, Alma Townhomes enjoy a privileged location. To one side is the central lake, a haven of calm and on the other is the retail center, a hub of activity. Step out and you’ll find yourself just a short walk away from the golf club. Living here not only means you can have spectacular views of the lake and golf course, but also easy access to everything on offer. Epitomizing the classic Arabian Ranches lifestyle, the townhomes stand in all their splendour, embracing every aspect of their immediate community.

The location of these townhomes at the very heart of Arabian Ranches epitomizes the name Alma, which means inner soul in Spanish. Inspired by the lucid lines of sumptuous Spanish architecture, Alma Townhomes stand in sets of twos and fours, alongside pretty little private gardens. Spread over a stretch of lakeside land, they offer a space that’s in symphony with its surroundings. It’s here that you’ll find a strong sense of community living and a rare chance to be part of the Arabian Ranches lifestyle.